CellAED® Defibrillator

CellAED® Defibrillator



CellAED® for Life – Annual

Including complimentary membership for your first year, valued at $198.00

After your first year, renew your membership annually to enjoy uninterrupted access to CellAED for lifeTM benefits.

CellAED® is your handheld, smart, personal defibrillator, for use together with CPR, in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest – bridging the gap until Emergency Services arrive.

  • Designed for your home and workplace
  • Easy to use under pressure in three steps: Snap Peel Stick
  • Guided by audio voice prompts
  • Pre-charged battery and no need for replacement pads or gels

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How it works


Power device by snapping in half along perforated centre line. This will automatically start the audio instructions guiding you on what to do, every step of the way.


Remove the protective liner under the device by continuing to separate the two halves. This will expose the integrated gel pads and extend the connecting cable.


For adults, place each half of the device on the bare chest (as shown). For infants, place one half on the infant’s chest and the other half on the infant’s back.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The approved shelf life of CellAED® is currently 24 months.

    Included in the optional CellAED for lifeTM support and replacement service we’ll remotely monitor your CellAED® and notify you if the shelf-life is near exceeding. We’ll then arrange to have the latest model replacement sent to you at no additional charge. At the time of confirming your order we’ll share more information about this optional service, so you can choose to upgrade. If you choose not to opt-in, it will be time to replace your CellAED® when you observe the green LED change to amber or at the expiry date, whichever comes sooner.

  • No. Your CellAED® comes with a non-rechargeable battery and will arrive pre-charged.

  • No. CellAED® is a fully integrated product designed to work without needing to worry about replacing parts like battery or gel pads.

  • Yes, you can buy multiple devices up to a maximum of 10.

  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

  • No. Your CellAED® will automatically attempt to connect to a cellular network every 30 days to record the ambient temperature, battery status and location. Your CellAED® functioning as an automated external defibrillator (AED) is unaffected.

  • Yes, the CellAED® is ARTG approved.